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Frequently Asked Questions about Ebooks

Yes! Many of NC LIVE’s ebooks are downloadable.  You can find these downloadable titles by searching or browsing within the following ebooks collections. Downloadable titles are marked with a special link or icon (see chart below).

Collection Look for this link/icon
ebrary  ebrary download
Home Grown ebook Collection  Tablet only, see instructions.
One Click ebooks  One click ebooks download
eBooks on EBSCOhost
eBooks on EBSCOhost icon
Gale Virtual Reference Library  gale virtual reference library download
LearningExpress Library LearningExpress download
MyiLibrary icon
Open Library
Open Library icon

Use our ebooks Help page to answer all of your questions about downloading ebooks.

NC LIVE ebooks are not fully supported for download on Kindle devices, although some ebook collections offer unprotected PDFs that can be downloaded to a Kindle, such as Gale Virtual Reference Library and LearningExpress Library.

If you have a Kindle Fire, you can read NC LIVE ebooks in the browser while connected to Wi-Fi.

In eBooks on EBSCOhost, you can send up to 60 pages of an ebook in PDF format to your Kindle device. See these links for instructions:

How can I print or save EBSCO ebook pages as a PDF?

How can I send saved EBSCO ebook pages in PDF format to my Kindle device?

Your library may have ebook titles available for downloading to a Kindle, through a vendor such as OverDrive. Contact your local library to see what Kindle-compatible ebooks may be available.

You can also find free, downloadable titles for your Kindle from Project Gutenberg.

The loan period depends on the collection the ebook belongs to.  Gale Virtual Reference Library, LearningExpress Library and the Home Grown ebook Collection do not require checkouts or holds.

Vendor Checkout period Maximum # of checked out or downloaded eBooks Maximum # of holds Return eBooks early?
eBooks on EBSCOhost
7 days 50 50 Yes
MyiLibrary 14 days 25 25 Yes
Open Library 14 days 5 No Holds Yes
ebrary 14 days No Limit No Holds Yes
One Click ebooks 7 days 5 No Holds Yes

Absolutely!  You can read all NC LIVE ebooks from any browser on your computer, or from the browser on any other internet-enabled device such as an iPad or Android tablet, smartphone, or browser-enabled eReader.

Adobe Digital Editions is free software that you install on your computer and allows you to:
   • Manage your downloaded eBooks
   • Authorize your computer and mobile device to access DRM-protected eBooks
   • Transfer your downloaded eBooks to a portable device
See this video tutorial about Adobe Digital Editions, or visit Adobe’s support pages for more information.

Your Adobe ID and password verify your identity. Adobe uses the ID and password to make sure that DRM-protected eBooks are being downloaded, loaned and shared between devices according to the publisher’s requirements. You can watch a short video about setting up Adobe Digital Editions or see the Adobe Digital Editions support page for more information.

Titles in the Home Grown eBook Collection are always available to any library user--with no waiting and no limits. That means there is no need for a holds list, checkout limits, or returns.

For the best experience, NC LIVE recommends accessing the Home Grown eBook Collection using the latest version of Google Chrome or Safari. These browsers are both available as a free download. You can still access the collection in other browsers, but you may encounter technical issues.

Reading a book in your browser is easy, and you don't even need to create an account. Simply select the book you would like to read and click on "Read" from the menu beside the book cover. On your computer, you can turn the pages by clicking on the arrows in the upper right corner. On a touchscreen device, simply swipe to turn the page.

If you have an iPad or an Android tablet, you can download a title to read it offline. The BiblioBoard Library app is available for iPad®, Kindle Fire HD®, Nexus tablets® and Galaxy Tab® (4.0+) mobile devices.
Step 1: Visit the BiblioBoard website using the Home Grown eBook Collection link.
Step 2: Click on the yellow "Tablet" link in the upper-right corner.
Step 3: Create your own user account.
Step 4:  Download the appropriate app and login using the account information created in step 3. There are two Bibiloboard apps in the App Store; be sure to select "Biblioboard Library." Where the app asks you to select your library's name, select "none" and log in with the user account you created.

Most NC LIVE ebooks have no holds and no simultaneous user limits, but a few collections do have limitations.

Collection Usage limits
ebrary  Unlimited users
Home Grown ebook Collection Unlimited users
One Click ebooks  Unlimited users for classic titles; 1 user at a time for contemporary titles
eBooks on EBSCOhost
Maximum of between 1 and 10 users, depending on the title. Newer titles allow ofr more users.
Gale Virtual Reference Library  Unlimited users
LearningExpress Library Unlimited users
Maximum of three users per title for viewing and downloading
Open Library
One user at a time for every title

The DAISY digital format helps people who have challenges using regular printed media. There are two types of DAISY eBooks on Open Library: open and protected. Open DAISY can be read by anyone in the world on many different devices. Protected DAISY (with the lock icon) can only be opened using a key issued by the Library of Congress NLS Program.

EBSCO ebooks that are being viewed in the browser can be “closed” and immediately made available to other users, by clicking the Result List, New Search, Back, or Exit links in the eBook Viewer.

To check-in an ebook from Adobe Digital Editions 2.0 before the checkout period has expired:

1.    Open Adobe Digital Editions on your computer.
2.    On the Bookshelves screen of Adobe Digital Editions, right-click the cover of the eBook you would like to check-in and select Return Borrowed Item.
3.    Click the Return button to confirm you would like to return the eBook.
4.    The ebook is checked in and removed from your Bookshelves view screen and is available to other patrons.

To check-in an ebook from the Bluefire app in Grid View:

  1. Tap the thumbnail image of the eBook cover in the grid.
  2. Tap the Contents button in the menu on the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap the Item Info button.
  4. Tap the Return Item button.
  5. The ebook is checked in.

To check-in an ebook from the Bluefire app in List View:

  1. Tap the arrow to the right of the eBook title in the list.
  2. Tap the Return Item button.
  3. The ebook is checked in.


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Using Adobe Digital Editions

About NC LIVE Ebooks

NC LIVE provides North Carolina’s libraries with access to over 26,000 ebook titles, almost all of which are downloadable!

Many of these titles are non-fiction, including information in literature, health, technology, self help, history, social sciences, career development, reference books, and more.

Over 200,000 more downloadable ebooks are available through a partnership with Open Library, including fiction, young adult and children’s titles.

Many libraries have their own ebook collections in addition to what is offered through NC LIVE. Contact your local library to learn about other ebook collections that may be available.